SPES (2015) – Choir & Organ

SPES (2015) – Erikson blog

Erikson blog ” Cantus’ new album «Spes» is a dream. Beautiful, innovative and with a sound that is unvelievable. It’s been a while since a choir CD has been so refined. This is just lovely.”

SPES (2015) – Vinyl Anachronist

Vinyl Anachronist “It’s a warm, enveloping choral experience that is both melodically soothing and off the beaten path.”

SPES (2015) – Everald blog

Everald blog “I’m greatly enjoying the latest recording from one of my favourite labels, 2L, which combines Western choral singing with traditional Sami musical styles.”

SPES (2015) – Audiophile Audition

Audiophile Audition “The unique sounds on this disc are ethereal, profound and inspiring, and it’s a completely unique musical form.”